The Orangutan Project establishes new, Canadian-funded project to secure the survival of Sumatran orangutans

TORONTO December 08 2020The Orangutan Project, an organization focused on securing the survival of orangutans and other Critically Endangered species, has helped establish a new Canadian-led project with full tax-deductibility, through their affiliate, WCI Canada Foundation.

Funded exclusively by Canadian donors, WCI Canada Foundation, working with local partner Center for Orangutan Project is establishing an urgently needed, permanent rescue team in the provinces of North Sumatra and Aceh, where growing numbers of displaced and highly vulnerable Sumatran orangutans are falling victim to the illegal wildlife trade. 

Said Leif Cocks, Founder of The Orangutan Project; 

“In forest decimated North Sumatra, this new, permanent rescue team, fully supported by our Candian donors, will have a profound impact for displaced and highly vulnerable orangutans, and will ultimately help us achieve our goal of securing the survival of their species in the wild.” 

The new mobile rescue team will investigate and expose the illegal destruction of orangutan habitat and will conduct urgent rescues of displaced and illegally held orangutans. 

It will also actively campaign against the hunting and killing of all protected Sumaran species, campaign against the inhumane captivity of all wildlife within Sumatra and will work closely with local law enforcement to help apprehend the perpetrators of all forest crimes.

WCI Canada Foundation is now urgently raising $53,000 by December 31st to establish this rescue team and resource all staff and activities for the next calendar year. 

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